Macaron Madness: Learning Project Summary

For my final Learning Project post I thought I would create videos to show the steps I take when it comes to making macarons.

Step One:

I begin by weighing out all my ingredients.

taken from BraveTart

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Changing of Times

How have I contributed to my classmates learning????

To be honest I felt I struggled the most in this area. Before taking #edtc300 a goal of mine was to try have less screen time. Some of the steps I had taken were; no morning Facebook checks, no phones allowed at the table, & to turn your phone off after 8 this included, facebook, snapchat, and Instagram… but not limited to Netflix (haha)! These last few weeks I found myself breaking these rules. In the mornings, I was reaching for my phone to check my newsfeed. My breakfasts were often distracted because I was busy checking my twitter. Also, 2x a week I broke my 8 o’clock rule but that was for school so I don’t count that! Whatever it takes to make the grade. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I needed to find a balance.  Continue reading

to be continued…

classroomcamera Flickr via Compfight cc

Throughout the weeks I have learned so much about technology. I definitely enjoyed discussing my learnings with those around me, especially with my husband, whom has always been the most tech-savvy guy I know. It was a nice change to switch roles & teach him a few things (even if it was only for a short time)! #edtc300 has shown me how technology is continuously changing.  Continue reading

Mini Hamburgers?: Learning Project 6

I’m very pleased to share that last week I had the opportunity to visit Almond Tree Christian Academy (K-12 school) out on the Key First Nation. It just so happened that while I was there a guest speaker came in to teach students how to care for their school chickens! It really was a great presentation. The ATCA school fed their chickens a feed that contained oyster shells which helps harden the laying hens eggs. Without this shell diet, their eggs would become spongey. Also, do not feed your chickens egg shells otherwise the chickens will eat their own eggs, Yuck!  Continue reading

YouTube in the Classroom

This post was made in collaboration with Ryan Brass

CJ Isherwood Flickr via Compfight cc

Youtube seems to be too big for itself at times. Once it was a way for regular people to share their experiences through uploading their own videos on personal accounts. They were creating original content that reached to a vast amount of viewers. Overtime, with growth, big companies saw this as an opportunity to advertise and build on their own commercial success. Companies such as Buzzfeed comes to mind. These big time companies took away from the humble beginnings, that the regular people of the Youtube community had created. Continue reading

Macaroon Disaster: Learning Project 5

After the success of my last Learning Project post I was feeling very ambitious. Instead of sticking with the same recipe to see if I could accomplish “greatness” again. I decided it was time to move forward & attempt something a little more cooler. Which really meant I just wanted something with colour.  With Ryan’s suggestion in mind I took to google & started the search for orange flavoured macaron recipes. In the end, I continued using BraveTart’s recipe with a few adaptations. I also found an orange ganache recipe for the filling.

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