Changing of Times

How have I contributed to my classmates learning????

To be honest I felt I struggled the most in this area. Before taking #edtc300 a goal of mine was to try have less screen time. Some of the steps I had taken were; no morning Facebook checks, no phones allowed at the table, & to turn your phone off after 8 this included, facebook, snapchat, and Instagram… but not limited to Netflix (haha)! These last few weeks I found myself breaking these rules. In the mornings, I was reaching for my phone to check my newsfeed. My breakfasts were often distracted because I was busy checking my twitter. Also, 2x a week I broke my 8 o’clock rule but that was for school so I don’t count that! Whatever it takes to make the grade. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I needed to find a balance. 

To some people, tweeting may come naturally to them, but for me, it was a struggle. It was hard to find resources to share. & I felt I spent a vast majority searching online just to find an article that I felt reflected what was important to me. I checked my twitter frequently throughout the day but found myself “liking” my classmate tweets more often than replying.

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Regardless of my tweeting struggles, I enjoyed reading my classmates blogs, especially their learning projects. I thought it was so cool that Anthea was learning to use the staff. While Lauren’s decorating skills could land her a spot on the Food Network baking championship. I was also caught off guard that Danny selected knitting! Kudos to him, I have tried a few times over the years & never successfully completed 1 scarf!

I did my best when it came to leaving comments but found myself “lurking” quietly behind the scenes. The comments I did manage to post truly reflected what I was feeling.

It was also nice to see that a fellow classmate stumbled upon a blog I follow.

These past few weeks have been fun. I truly enjoyed reading/watching everyone’s learning projects. Best of luck to each and everyone of you on your future endeavours.


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