An Hour in the Mine

What do I think about coding?

I never really knew what exactly coding entailed. All the old school hacking movies made it look cool & complicated. Like in Jurassic Park, when the young girl (who was close to my age at the time haha) hacked into the Jurassic Park mainframe to lock the doors & save the day. So that was my idea of coding. Hackers, binary code, & frantic typing.

So much frantic typing. Embarrassing to admit but that was my interpretation of hacking & coding! I blame Hollywood for this misconception.

Which brings me to an Hour of Code.

Hour of Code does a great job in teaching children… & adults what coding is about.

I tried out an hour of code and I was really impressed with how easy it is was to use. There was plenty of fun games to choose from. My sons are huge fans of Minecraft. So I selected a Minecraft hour of code.  The YouTube videos that played in between “A Hero’s Journey” levels were also fun & interesting. My son’s thought I was so cool because I was playing “coding” Minecraft.

Check out my videos below and see the gameplay.

Check out my frustrations below as I try complete the level 100%. I didn’t have to finish that railroad track.. but I did.

Overall, I thought Hour of Code is pretty cool. Honestly I don’t know how else to describe it. I enjoyed the whole process. The levels started easy & transitioned into more fun challenges. I also liked the little side quests that you could participate in.

Understanding of coding is vital in today’s day and age & I feel it will be more important in the future because as technology progresses you are going to need more people that know how to program.

But let’s remember that as technology improves we don’t want to have a future similar to the Terminator (LOL)!



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