Macaron Madness: Learning Project 3

This past Sunday, I woke up and had macarons on my mind. Without a second thought I jumped out of bed and went straight to my kitchen. I pulled out 5 large eggs and set them down on my counter. I paused for a moment and thought, “how long does it take for eggs to become room temperature?” I figured at least an hour or two. I then went about my usual morning activities before coming back to get started on my macarons. I pulled out the rest of my ingredients, including my digital weight scale and got down to business. It didn’t take long after that for me to realize that my weight scale was BROKEN! My whole morning was thrown off! I couldn’t just run out and buy a new scale. I live in a small southern town, Sunday mornings are always quiet. The one grocery store we have here does not open till noon on Sundays.  I could have waited but I had prior commitments that I just could not break. So I ended up putting all my ingredients back in the cupboards and cooked my husband 5 boiled eggs.

Which brings me to today. Luckily, my small town grocery store had a weight scale available for purchase. I got to try it out for my 2nd macaron post. Honestly, I think I prefer this scale.

Alright, so after a few minor delay’s I bring you to today’s 3rd Learning Project post on macarons. Again, using BraveTart‘s macaron recipe, I began by weighing out all my ingredients. (To see all the steps I made, please refer back to my previous post which you can find here.)

In order to improve my current macaron skills I decided the best option for me was to watch endless amounts of YouTube videos. During this time I came across a video by Mardi Michels. Using a term called, Macaronnage, she shared her folding technique to viewers.

I attempted to replicate Michels Macaronnage video. The picture below shows my batter after 20 folds.

20 folds

This is how my batter looked after 30 folds. I really wanted to keep folding but I thought I would hate to have over mixed batter again. At least, if it was under mixed I could compare my two posts.

30 folds

After piping these on to baking sheets I could immediately tell the batter was firmer. The macarons were much easier to work with this time around.

firmer batter

In the end I still ended up with macarons missing the signature feet and cracked shells. BUT they weren’t little flat pancakes. I blame my oven. I lowered my oven temperature and my macarons improved with each batch.

The Final Product

Even though my macarons aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the one’s you can find elsewhere. They still tasted heavenly!


3 thoughts on “Macaron Madness: Learning Project 3

  1. Those look incredible oh my gosh! I thought it was great how you included some of the struggles you had because it really takes the effort to come over them and not quit! Great job! Hope they were as good as they look!


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