Continuing my Journey with the French Macaron: Learning Project #1

A few years back, when I was adjusting to motherhood, there was a French Macaron craze. At the time, I was left wondering why Macaroons were suddenly trendy. I was living in Southern Saskatchewan (I still do today), a great distance away from any big cities, so I had to stay connected online. After doing a quick google search, I realized that I was mistaken about the type of Macarons my friends were talking about. I had originally thought they were talking about these kind of macaroons.

The Macaroons I grew up with

Lonnon Foster Flickr via Compfight cc

I feel it’s worth mentioning that there is absolutely nothing wrong with these kinds of macroons. Actually this coconut dessert has always been a childhood favourite of mine. But I’m getting off topic.

The macarons I’m talking about are the French cookies made with an egg white type meringue and almond flour. The cookies are often sandwiched with ganache, jam, or my personal favourite, buttercream.

French macarons

Zylenia Flickr via Compfight cc

Now, because I live in Southern Saskatchewan, the process of even trying my first French macaron was a challenge. There was nowhere in the area that I could buy these cookies from. Which is why I decided to attempt to make them myself. After a few batches, I realized that these dainty cookies were far more challenging then they looked. I read many baker tips online like; let macarons sit on the counter to “dry” before baking, leave your oven door cracked, and never attempt to bake macarons on a rainy day.

Here is a picture

Here is a picture of one of my attempts at baking French macarons. 

During this time, the majority of my macarons were cracked, missing feet (the ruffled section on the cookie), or turned out flat. The picture below, circa 2013, are the two best looking cookies I managed to bake. FYI even the ugly cookies tasted delicious.

My macaron baking days were very short-lived. Actually, I haven’t really done much baking throughout these years. Raising a family and going to school has pretty much taken up all of my free time.  Thankfully, #edtc300 has given me an opportunity to get back to do doing what I enjoy.

Which brings me to my learning project assignment. I have decided to perfect, or at least improve, my French macaron skills. It has been a few years since I last baked these sweet treats.

For my first batch, based on my previous attempts, I will focus more on the folding batter technique. Once I have gauged my starting point I will be able to roughly set a plan to follow.

Next posting coming soon…


3 thoughts on “Continuing my Journey with the French Macaron: Learning Project #1

  1. I am envious of your choice for the learning project! I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the semester! The French macaron is not for the faint of heart baker but it looks like you have a really solid jumping off point! One thing I learned from my grandma is it is all about the egg whites! Good luck!!

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  2. This is a great idea for a learning project! I have never attempted making these before because they are super intimidating to me as a baker! I will definitely be following along with your progress! Good luck! I hope to pick up a few tips!

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